Hello world!

•March 9, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hello World! I like it. Feels the same as when I created my first “Hello World” program using C++. Confused and uncertain…

Anywho, you can call me by my Blog name: The Wandering Minstrel for now. Im trying to keep this blog from becoming: “Rant about life, wife, dead end job…”, and use it more as a journal for any thoughts or comments I have on just about anything.

I am an average guy who really is just like you, the reader. I spend my time that I allocate to the internet reading articles and blogs just like this one. Thought it would be some fun to start one of my own.

So ya thats all I got for an introduction! Please subscribe and give me a test drive, I promise it wont hurt.


The Wandering Muse